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ENAG TightGrip by MOAB23 ENAG TightGrip by MOAB23
The EsceaN Agreement Magazine is the official name of those used with Escean assault rifles, the current models being the ENAG-1 and ENAG-2, relating to the 40- and 50-round magazines of the K-45PR and KASPR Mod 2 rifles respectively. ENAGs are generally carried in polymer TightGrip holders, with models for both magazine sizes. TightGrips are equipped with anterior loops to allow attachment to the ladder webbing of ‘green’ infantry vests, as well as magnetic receptacles for use with the attachment pads found on the thigh and torso armour plates of more advanced infantry protection, including the Covert Operation Suit and Special Purpose Assault and Reconnaissance Operations armours.

The holders rely on wraparound compression ribs to hold the magazines securely. Up to six magazines may attach to thigh plate points, along with another four on the abdominal plates, giving the operator a total count of between 400-500 rounds of rifle ammunition. Used in conjunction with one or two Mag Dispenser Packs, a single soldier may carry between 720-900 rounds of personal ammunition, not counting any more carried in additional packs or TightGrips attached to a belt.
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